Monday, October 5, 2009


I am a DIY type girl. I love being crafty, and making things, anything! So when I went online to look up backdrops for my studio, just a plain black one, the lowest price I found was $50! So I decided to make one myself! I went to Joann with two %50 coupons, and bought some fabric. I bought 16 yards of 144 inch white muslin and 8 yards of 49 inch sweet black fabric that was on clearance. So with this ridiculous amount of fabric I plan to make a two-ply white muslin 10x10 foot backdrop and on the back side 10x10 black backdrop. Double sided DIY, score! I took a couple pictures with the white, unsewn, unironed backdrop, I was just too eager! I am looking forward to using my new backdrops :)


Aren’t these brothers just the cutest kids? Love them.


Mommy and brother giving Bradley kisses!

Saturday, October 3, 2009


Wow. Up in the double digits now :) I fall in love with different eras every once in a while…or everyday, whatever. One day I think to myself, I should’ve been born in the 80’s because I have ridiculous hair and bad taste in men. Then the next day I think I could have lived in the 40’s and been swell, they had cute clothes and cute hairstyles and all the girls said “Keen” and “Peachy” and boys called you “Doll,” I would’ve been in heaven! Then I think the 60’s would be awesome, with the great protests, and the epic music. The 50’s had fun big bands and swing dances, and those black and white shoes were to die for!

Well recently I have fallen in love with the 70’s. It was not as extreme as the 80’s, the music was still rolling fairly strong from the 60’s. Well since I’ve been on this 70’s kick, I started looking at pictures that were taken in that era. Like all photographers, I love to see what people thought was important, stylish, artsy and special for the people of that generation. I’ve noticed a couple of things.

1. Everything was washed out! There is almost no contrast, and everything is a little on the bright side. (which isn’t a bad thing, as you will see)

2. The film that was used, for the most part, let some of the colors fade more prominently than other, resulting in yellowish, reddish or greenish tints.

3. People were super relaxed. No stiff couture, high fashion, Tyra Banks style photos. Just fluid motion, and loose postures.

Here was my go at a recreation of my new favorite era :)