Monday, October 5, 2009


I am a DIY type girl. I love being crafty, and making things, anything! So when I went online to look up backdrops for my studio, just a plain black one, the lowest price I found was $50! So I decided to make one myself! I went to Joann with two %50 coupons, and bought some fabric. I bought 16 yards of 144 inch white muslin and 8 yards of 49 inch sweet black fabric that was on clearance. So with this ridiculous amount of fabric I plan to make a two-ply white muslin 10x10 foot backdrop and on the back side 10x10 black backdrop. Double sided DIY, score! I took a couple pictures with the white, unsewn, unironed backdrop, I was just too eager! I am looking forward to using my new backdrops :)


Aren’t these brothers just the cutest kids? Love them.


Mommy and brother giving Bradley kisses!


  1. Whitney, this is awesome! I had no idea that you were starting a photography business back in Puyallup. Good for you! You are hilarious as is your family. If I can choose a neighbor in heaven, it will definitely be the Egbert family. Keep the photos coming!

  2. Oh man! I can't believe I just now noticed this comment! What a lame-o! Its been fun starting the business, lots of mouth work and I kind of feel bad self promoting so often :) But its nice to have so many connections with church! And we would so choose you as a neighbor as well! As long as Bob was there too :)!