Saturday, July 10, 2010


Finally Whitney! Jeez, what a lame-o. You never post anything consistently on here. Maybe you should get your life figured out already. :)

So here are some pictures from my recent adventures!


Boating with Boss, the deaf dog. Really, he’s deaf. It’s super funny when he walks away from people. Seeing them trying to get him to come back. They can’t yell, so they mostly stomp around and wave at him. I wish I had a video camera to show you, you would laugh as well!

Anyways, Boss loved the boat. He sat on the bow the whole time and it looked like he was about to jump in the water.  He also commandeered the Cap’n seat (aka where the driver sits) anytime someone moved from it.



lil baby boss

About four hours into the day, he decided it was time to take a nap. First he fell asleep on the drivers seat, which got him swatted when the driver wanted to … drive. Then he found a little spot in the shade an napped happily for the rest of the day! Cutest dog ever.

lil sleepy boss

budward …and I just like this picture. You can see me, which is rare in photos at my house, since I usually have the camera facing away from me.


Next adventure is Softball!


I love softball games, because parents let their kids get filthy dirty and run around like mad men. Most people would hate that part, but I love watching the social structure that forms in groups of children when their parents “aren’t watching". The older ones try and dictate the younger ones actions, and the younger ones pretend to care, then just ignore them. Plus kids with dirt on their faces is adorable.

Softball games are also great times to see the “big kids” (aka the men playing) act like lunatics as well. Sometimes I feel like they have their own language on the field. The wives on the benches aren’t much better either. They have strange nicknames for the players that I’ve never heard, and no one uses anywhere else. They say odd things, like “COMEON SHAWNEE BOY, LETS GET THIS GAME ROLLING! DON’T LET THOSE (insert other teams name here) BUMS TOSS YA AOURND! OHJDOJSLJOJSD!” I love it anyways, everyone yells loudly, sits on dirty bleachers, ends up dusty and tired by the last game. Kids are whining, mothers are short tempered and the players are making up new nicknames left and right.


dirt face

love being a kid

This picture reminds me of  the book “Where the Wild Things Are,” which was my favorite book as a kid.




Also, just a side note, and something to make you see how much of a Mariokart addict I am becoming, I didn’t really pay attention driving out of the park on the way home, and my mind automatically assumed that this said “Jump”, not “bump” and that the arrows were to help you speed up. Seriously. I went so fast over the “jump” that my car scraped against the ground a little.

i thought this said jump

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